Play with Clay is an interactive drop-in pottery studio where guests of all ages can indulge in pottery painting, hand-building & wheel throwing.

    As well as drop-in ceramic projects we also offer more structured Adult-Workshops, Kids Camps and 8wk Pottery Classes.

    Our instructors have years of experience teaching many different hand-building, wheel throwing & glazing techniques to make your pottery project a success. We host different clay parties in our studio such as pottery painting, clay building & wheel throwing.

    • Hundreds of different unique pieces to choose from...
    • Unlimited time to work on your pottery, can't finish in one visit....return as many times needed to complete your         masterpiece at no extra cost.
    • Choose as many colours needed to create your masterpiece...
    • We have hundreds of ez-to-use Silk-Screen Stencils to add some awesome flare to your pottery project, along with         Fun- Writers, etching tools, sponges, different style art brushes, cool idea binders and more...
    • Need a little inspirational push, our art instructors can definitely put in the right direction with tons of tips and tricks.
    • Pottery prices are found underneath each piece and that price covers all your paint, tools, time and firing (no studio fees)..

    Need a Clock ?

    no prob; come in choose any flat piece and we'll transform it into your very own personal clock...

    Take-Home Pottery

    Paint pottery in the comfort of your own home or work..

    • pick out your pottery pieces
    • pick out your glaze colours & brushes
    • you're off to the races; but, take as long as you like
    • when your good & ready bring back for firing 
    • no extra cost for take home kits

    Kids Painting Party  

    $30 per person

    • Start with making personal Pin-Back button
    • Choose your pottery from the b-day wall
    • Dozens of pieces to select from (coin banks, mugs,         trinket-boxes, figurines and many more)
    • Choose your own paint colours
    • Complimentary B-day / handprint, signing plate
    • You can bring snacks, cake, juicebox & presents
    • No min. or max. / Pay for who shows up / No deposit         required

    Kids Clay-Building Party

    $30 per. person

    • Start with making personal Pin-Back button
    • Build: Mugs, Creature Coin-Banks, Trinket-Boxes & more !  
    • Choose paint colours and glaze away
    • Complimentary Clay-Handprint impression
    • No min or max / pay for who shows up / No deposit required
    • Recommended age 7yrs and up 

    Clay Hand-Buidling

    Clay-Building projects need two studio visits

    • first visit: build & create  
    • second visit: glaze your clay project

            (can be shortened to 1 visit with building & glazing / limits you too only 1 type of glazing)

    • No experience necessary, all ages & skill levels
    • We provide all of the necessary tools for the job 
    • Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process                                                                                                                                                                                                                
           individual personal instruction - work at your own pace
    • Take as long as you need to finish your project
    • Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab, molding, clay puzzling & more 
    • After two weeks you are able to glaze your pottery with either a high-temp earth tone glaze look or use colourful under glazes
    • Here are just a few ideas you can create: Mugs, Bowls, Coasters, Animal Banks, Masks, Teapots, Trinket Boxes, Vases, Spoon Rests               (ultimately clay ideas are endless)
    • Each clay project is priced individually based on amount of clay, the average cost of clay building ranges from $20 to $35

    Pottery Wheel 2wk-Session (one-time throwing)

    One-time session allows you to throw up to 4 balls of clay and transform them into bowls, mugs, vases or whatever you desire for $80 per person, with full guidance and instruction throughout from our in-house potters.

    •     First visit throw and spin on the wheel
    •     Second visit two weeks after you'll be trimming and glazing your pieces
    •     Pottery wheel sessions are offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 11am and Saturdays at 6pm.

    Call to book your next wheel session 

    One Week Pottery-Wheel Rental !

    Pottery Wheel rental where we drop off the wheel Friday morning and pick up Tuesday morning, directly to your house for you and your family to enjoy !  

    1.     Throw with one 50lbs, two blocks of clay for $300.
    2.     We will give you a mini verbal tutorial and a set of instructions and off you go !
    3.     Throw your wheel pieces and return them to our shop to be glazed & fired for your own unique pottery projects !

    7 Week Pottery Class

    • No experience necessary (worked with clay? we'll more than accommodate exp. potters)
    • We provide all of the necessary tools for the job
    • Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process with individual instruction - work at your own pace
    • 7 week course, 3 hour sessions
    • Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab-building, molding, clay puzzling & more
    • High temp custom glazing tips, tricks & techniques
    • Build 20 to 30 pottery pieces
    • $380 per. person - incl. tools, clay, glazing, firing, & instruction

    Please call the shop on 519-826-7529 to Register

     Summer Kids Pottery Camps

    Upcoming Summer Pottery Camps where kids will learn to build and create with clay !    This is a 4-day camp that runs from 9am-11:30am and the cost per child is $180, click on the link below to select either our Minecraft camp or Xmas camp.

    Kids Pottery Camp Booking please click below !

    Play with Clay is your hand and foot print destination....

    Please Call the shop on 519-826-7529 to book a your clay print session and one of our trained staff will assist from start to finish on creating an amazing long lasting clay memory.

    Baby & Toddler Clay Prints..

    • $30 one print impression with         glaze colour choice.
    • $40 two prin impression with glaze         colour choice on same plaque.

    Paint Stamping Impressions.. 

    Select from a wide selection of ready made ceramics & our staff will assist you with stamping your little ones hand and feet prints as well as personalized writing.


    Dogos' & Kitties Impressions..

    $30 for two Paws prints

    Clay impression keepsake with your choice in Glaze Colour.

    Play with Clay's casual atmosphere is the perfect venue to host your next gathering...

    • Get away from the office and spend time in our pottery studio with either pottery painting or building with clay.
    • Studio seats up to 80 guests (no minimum amount of guests needed)
    • Choose pottery painting or building a mug (clay mug requires 2 visits)
    • Feel free to bring food, snacks, and beverages
    • We have a Steeped-Tea Bar for all guests to enjoy

    • Laugh with your friends and co-workers or at them all in good fun !

    Clay-Building Team Event..

    • Full instruction and guidance throughout
    • Cannot promise the exact results but we are certain         everyone will leave with a useable/drinkable finished         Ceramic Mug..... But we can promise a really fun and unique         experience with a Clay Mug personally hand crafted by you         and your guests   !
    • This costs $30 per person

    Pottery Painting Team Event..

    • Pottery Painting group get-togethers are simple and tons of fun
    • You and your Guests can select from 100's of ready made         ceramic pieces from our shelves, and the cost for this         averages from $25 to $35 for most pottery pieces

    the Clay Bar is our newest addition to Play with Clay in Guelph

    Drop-in anytime for Drinks & Pottery

    • The Clay Bar is a fully licensed room where unique cocktails, craft beer, wines and house made appetizers are served.
    • the Clay Bar now hosts our Pottery Classes & Adult Workshops
    • The Clay Bar can be booked for private functions where guests can experience Art, Drinks & Food
    • Friend Gatherings, Date-Nights and more !
    • Call to book your next Bachelorette Party, Work Function, Shower or Family & Friend Gathering anytime or day at the Clay Bar 

    Email or Call us to a book table / pottery wheels / or Group Parties :

    School off-sites or in-Studio visits


    Play with Clay can visit your classrooms or you can make a special trip out to our studio, both visits can experience painting pottery or building with fresh clay.

    Our experienced Pottery-Instructors will walk you through the full process and guide you along the way. Please call the shop on 519-826-7529 to discus details.

    • School visits require 2 or more classes to participate 
    • in-Studio visit no min. or max required


    Any Questions or any other types Bookings 

    (Please call or email, Thank you..)