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Pottery Painting & Clay Building Studio

no appointment or reservations needed ~ drop-in Pottery Painting & Clay Building


Play with Clay's casual atmosphere is the perfect venue to host your next gathering...

Get away from the office and spend time in our pottery studio with either pottery painting or building a clay mug. 

  • Studio seats up to 50 guests (no minimum amount of guests needed)
  • Choose pottery painting or building a mug (clay mug requires 2 visits)
  • Feel free to bring food, snacks, and beverages
  • Pottery painting cost averages between $22 to $32 per guest
  • Building a Clay Mug costs $28 per guest
  • Laugh with your friends and co-workers or at them all in good fun !

Pottery Painting

  • Hundreds of different unique pieces to choose from...
  • Choose as many colours needed to paint your masterpiece...
  • We have hundreds of ez-to-use Silk-Screen Stencils to add some awesome flare to your pottery project, along with Fun-Writers, etching tools, sponges, different style art brushes, cool idea binders and more...
  • Need a little inspirational push, our art instructors can definitely steer you in the right direction with tons of tips and tricks.
  • Pottery prices are found under each piece and that price covers all your paint, tools, time and firing (no studio fees)..


  • 2 visits: first visit build your mug and the second will be glazing (second visit is 2 weeks after drying & first firing)
  • Full instruction, tools, template guide and guidance thru out
  • Be creative as your heart desires
  • Food, dishwasher and microwave safe when complete
  • Feel free to use either colorful under glazes or high-temp earth tone glazes
  • Give yourself 2hrs to build & 1-2hrs to glaze

Find it more convenient if Play with Clay pays you a visit? We'll set up shop at your facility and get your team participating in some fun Pottery Painting..!!

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