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Pottery Painting & Clay Building Studio

no appointment or reservations needed ~ drop-in Pottery Painting & Clay Building


Play with Clay is your hand and foot print destination

Drop in our studio anytime and one of our trained staff will assit from start to finish on creating an amazing long lasting clay memory.

How prints work ?

Clay Impressions.. 

  • We'll steer you in the right direction & do all the clay work & glazing for you!
  • Choose your hand or foot print colour and our PwC staff will take care of the glazing for you
  • Choose your wording & we'll do the engraving
  • Clay impressions is a 2wk turn-around time frame

Paint & Stamp Impressions..

  • Choose any pottery: mugs, plates, vases ect. and we can stamp it
  • Paint & stamp impressions will be ready in one week
  • Choose their hand or foot print colour & our staff will do all the stamping
  • You can take care of the wording or we can help you with that 

Get your baby in here for some little foot prints !!

Fresh-Clay prints can be finished with a Fossilized Print or a Reverse Print look. Let us know which style you prefer & we'll make it happen !

$25 for 1 print on a plaque

$35 for 2 prints on the same plaque

We can also do Pet impressions, $25 per paw !! We'll send you home with clay & some instruction and we'll make little paw memories !!

Take Home Clay Impression Kits..

Personal take home impression kits are ready to use in the comfort of your own home. For your special child, as gift, for babies or pets !!!

  • Make a clay impression in 3 easy steps; Just follow the instruction card
  • Take your child's hand or foot print at your leisure (when they're in a good mood)
  • You can also use our take home impression kits for pets as well
  • Fill out the info card, choose your print colour seal tin and bring back to Play with Clay & we take care of the rest !!
  • Clay prints will be ready for pick up in 2 weeks time

Clay Impression Print Colour Choices...

Paint & Stamp Impressions on Pottery is the cost of the  pottery piece..

Paint & Stamp Impressions make the perfect family memory or gift for someone special. PwC staff will help you every bit of the way & take care of the stamping !

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