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Pottery Painting & Clay Building Studio

no appointment or reservations needed ~ drop-in Pottery Painting & Clay Building




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Clay Building with PwC

Clay projects need two studio visits 

first visit: build & create   

second visit: glaze your clay project

(can be shortened to 1 visit with building & glazing / limits you to only 1 type of glazing)

    • No experience necessary, we teach all ages & skill levels

    • We provide all of the necssessary tools for the job
    • Pottery instructors will guide thru the whole process
    • individual personal instruction - work at your own pace
    • Take as long as you need to finish your project

    • Learn different hand-building techniques (pinch potting, coiling, slab-building, molding, clay puzzling & more
    • After two weeks you are able to glaze your pottery with either a high-temp earth tone glaze look or use colourful under glazes

    • Here are just a few ideas you can create: Mugs, Bowls, Coasters, Animal Banks, Masks, Teapots, Trinket Boxes, Vases, Spoon Rests (ultimately clay ideas are endless)

    • Each clay project is priced individually based on size and amount of clay, the average cost of clay building ranges from $20 to $35



  • 2 visits: first visit you will build your mug and the second will be glazing (second visit is approx. 2 weeks after drying & first firing)
  • full instruction, tools, template guide and guidance thru out
  • be creative as your heart desires
  • food, dishwasher and microwave safe when complete
  • take as long as you need when building & glazing mugs
  • feel free to use either colorful under glazes or high-temp earth tone glazes
  • give yourself 2hrs to build & 1-2hrs to glaze
  • tons of fun, great date night

Create a PwC house special Clay-Puzzle Bowl

  • we teach this fun technique that finishes with awesome results
  • mold pressing makes clay-puzzling fun and easy for anyone to create
  • many different molds to choose from or create your own
  • no appointment, just walk in and we'll set you up
  • this makes a great, fruit bowl, pasta bowl, salad bowl or a decorative center piece

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